Since Dentamerica Inc. was founded in 1986, our company has been committed to the development, manufacturing and worldwide sale of dental equipment and materials. Our company has been focused on providing our customers with high quality competitively priced products. We strive to benefit our customers through the design of more reliable, more usable, and more affordable professional products. In the ever-changing market of the dental equipment industry, Dentamerica understands the challenge of equipping the modern day medical and dental clinic.

By placing an emphasis on smarter designs, we can provide customers with not just what they need but what they want. We believe that in all great product designs there is an inherent great value. By designing things fundamentally better and smarter we can pass this value on to you, the professional. The challenge we face today is the unending pursuit of offering the consumer the ideal value by design.

We strive to fulfill the specific needs of the leading edge dental professional while improving and promoting the dental and medical profession as a whole. In creating a series of highly specialized products through we enable dentists to lead the advancement of cutting edge techniques to advance patient care around the world. Dentamerica will settle for nothing less than complete satisfaction of our diverse line of medical and dental products. We hope that by daring to innovate we can continue to lead the way in supplying professionals the tools to build future opportunities one procedure at a time.